Rohingya Action

Rohingya Action Ireland is founded within the framework of community development principles. It aims to highlight and explore cultural, social and political opportunities to advance the human rights of the Rohingya, and also to collaboration, empowerment, social justice, gender equality, community self-determination, participation and inclusiveness.

Empowering Rohingya Youths
To make sure the new generation of Rohingya has full potentials in the ever-challenging world

Celebrating Cultural Diversity
To explore and celebrate the diverse and inclusive Irish Society

Advancing Human Rights
To strive for justice, accountability and human rights for Rohingya in Burma and Bangladesh refugee camps

Healing Memories of Genocide
To alleviate from the painful memories of the genocide in Myanmar and the limbo in refugee camps

Reviving Sporting Spirit
To build a healthy environment of sportsmanship, leadership, friendship and participation

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